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Day 1

Join us for service at 7:30pm
Keynote-Jon W. Petoskey | Sam Emory

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Join us for service at 10am
Sean Libby | Janice Sjostrand | Kenneth Carpenter


Mark Morgan

The Bonfire


Friday Church Planters Breakfast

NAM Director Scott Sistrunk: Establishing Core Families

Student Ministries

Youth President Josh Carson:"The Twos"

A workshop focusing on validating the voices of our young people.

Worship Ministers

Gideon Assefa, WF Worship Team Lead -“Balance & Burnout”

Burnout is something that most ministries come into contact with. Coming to a point where you pray and ask God, "How did I get myself here?" Here we come to the red flags of worship ministry. Come with an open heart.

Children’s Ministries

Stacey Perry & Josh Combs

Church Planters

NAM Director Scott Sistrunk

Both as a church planter, and between Mother & Daughter churches and pastors.


The premier Youth & Hyphen Event in New England.

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day 3


Church Administration Workshop

Join us for service at 10am
Josh Carson | Elias Limones | Jerry Jones

Saturday Church Administration Breakfast

This informative workshop will give leading insights in three key areas of church administration: managing tasks, information and volunteer personnel; marketing ideas; church bookkeeping solutions. 

Facilitators: Shane LaPierre/Faith Teams; Chris Knight/Ascent Creative; John Cadasse/WinterFire CFO